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Ocean ViewIn 1997, ten Orange County environmental volunteers created Friends of Harbors, Beaches, and Parks, also known as FHBP.  Leaders from 10 different environmental organizations joined the board to organize a new consolidated approach that strengthened and coordinated the voice of parks, water, open space, and environmental education groups. The main event, which crystallized the views of FHBP board members was the reorganization of County government in 1996-1997 in the wake of the loss of funds through state reallocations and the County bankruptcy. The vision to form a countywide parks and open space advocacy and support group now became a mandate.

Mission Statement
FHBP's mission is “to promote, protect, and enhance the harbors, beaches, parks, trails, open spaces, natural preserves, and historic sites in Orange County.”

FHBP meets its mission by creation and leadership of the Green Vision Project in Orange County. The organization also meets its mission by acting as the fiscal agent for several community groups in Orange County. All of these organizations are working to ensure the protection of important natural lands, provide educational opportunities at recreational facilities, or enhance existing natural areas. In addition to this role, FHBP is very active in the creation of the 1,000 acre Orange Coast River Park. FHBP also participates in the regional Southern California Wetlands Recovery Project efforts.



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