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Friends of Harbors, Beaches and Parks (FHBP) works to protect the natural lands, waterways and beaches of Orange County, California.

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OC Meeting on San Onofre's Nuclear Waste
"Raucous" Meeting Last Night: Nuclear waste, anyone? Feds look to willing states. Will they find willing waste respositories here? There was great community showing in San Juan Capistrano to demand safe disposal of San Onofre's nuclear waste.

Know Good Ocean Etiquette
On June 25th and 26th, 2016, NOAA's Office of National Marine Sanctuaries is hosting its second National "Get into Your Sanctuary" celebration. This system-wide event will raise awareness about the value of our sanctuaries as iconic destinations for responsible recreation through a series of special activities open to the public. Every sanctuary visitor is a potential steward of the marine environment. The Ocean Etiquette program calls on each of you to honor that responsibility.

Orange County Tree Ordinance
After discovering that Orange County was the only local county to not have a tree ordinance protecting its trees, FHBP Board member Gloria Sefton drafted one. It has received the support of numerous groups already and was submitted to the County on June 16 to be considered within the context of the new "Orange is the New Green" ordinance update. Contact us directly if you wish to see a copy of the draft policy.

National Parks & Climate Change
President Obama and the first family will visit Yosemite National Park to both celebrate the National Park System's 100th anniversary and the fact that our parks provide much needed assistance to combat climate change.

Dogs Off Leash at Preserves
A solid reminder to keep your dogs on leash at ALL times and to obey all signs, trail maps, markers and bulletins. Dogs compete with the local wildlife, so it is important to follow the rules.



Please consider supporting our work. In addition to the above projects we also act as the fiscal agent for other community groups. Visit our Program section to learn more.

Your support is much appreciated.

FHBP is a county-wide non-profit umbrella group educating and inspiring the residents of Orange County, ensuring the protection and restoration of our natural lands and leading a coalition of conservation and community groups to this end. Our work is focused on the following ongoing and emerging projects:

Green Vision Project

Working to find and create funding for parks, open space and water quality.
M2 Mitigation Program
Learn about the habitat mitiation program in Renewed Measure M.
Fire Study

Download a copy of the 2015 FHBP Fire and Water Quality Study and its digital data!
2016 Conservation Coalition

Join the 2016 Conservation Coalition supporting innovative environmental policies that protect natural lands in Southern California.
Safe Trails Coalition

Supporting appropriate trail use that provides safe, high quality experiences and protects natural resources.
Healthy Communities Toolkit

Get your copy of the newly released Healthy Communities Toolkit !

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