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Coyote HillsThe future of the only remaining natural land in the heart of the densely urbanized Fullerton, is in jeopardy. Chevron Texaco subsidiary Pacific Coast Homes plans to build 760 units plus commercial on its 510 acres of land.

Currently, West Coyote Hills is thriving ecosystem—a spectacular, native landscape—above inland valleys and the coastal plain. It is a steppingstone on the Pacific Flyway for migrating birds of prey as well as a wintering ground for Northern Harriers and Sharp-shinned Hawks.

In recent decades Chevron has subdivided their extensive holdings in Coyote Hills and 1200 acres have already been developed with residential and commercial units, and golf courses. If development takes place, much of the landscape will be destroyed to create building pads and roads. The developer says that some areas will be revegetated with native plants. However, during construction, most of the animals living in the areas where vegetation is removed will perish because they will have nowhere to live while construction is taking place.

The Friends of Coyote Hills is working to save the site as a nature preserve with access. Its vision includes access on the west, east and south through three themed gates. A multiuse east-west trail meanders along the northern ridgeline accommodating hikers, bikers and equestrians. A north-south trail is accessible for handicapped visitors and all trails have interpretive signs. An interpretive wing highlighting the coastal sage scrub ecosystem could potentially be added to the existing center at adjacent Clark Regional Park. Volunteers will lead on-site interpretive tours.

Preserving West Coyote Hills will mean protecting a rare ecosystem for future generations. Most of all the preservation of West Coyote Hills will enhance the quality of life of the people in a densely populated area by allowing nearby access to a now rare ecosystem for education, recreation and contemplation.

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