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Barn OwlOver the years there have been stunning successes in conserving Orange County’s various natural heritage lands: Upper Newport Bay, parks along the Laguna Coast and Bolsa Chica to name a few protected coastal lands. Inland Orange County has seen land protected above Yorba Linda in Chino Hills State Park, in Casper’s Regional Park and in the Cleveland National Forest. These successes came about because of the cooperation and partnership of elected officials and their staffs, resource agencies, and dedicated citizens. There remain thousands of acres of unprotected lands in Orange County that could be protected if we had funding to acquire those lands.

Though the Green Vision Map effort began in 2000, FHBP didn't have staff to run a cohesive effort. When grant funding for staffing the Green Vision Project came in 2005, FHBP organized a management team.

From there Green Vision Project took flight. With a coalition of Orange County's conservation and community groups behind the Project, we've been hard at work ever since. The mission of the Orange County Green Vision Project is “to increase the funding for parks, water quality, and open spaces in Orange County.”

Learn more about the Green Vision Project:

Green Vision Team
Read short biographies of the Green Vision Project's core team.

Green Vision Coalition
See a partial list of coalition members with links to their respective websites.

Green Vision Map
See the most recent version of the Green Vision Map which shows protected lands, active projects, and potential acquisition sites.

Get details and presentations from past Green Vision workshops that covered important environmental topics.

Renewed Measure M
Learn about the programmatic mitigation component of the Orange County Transportation Authority's Renewed Measure M.

SB 375 - Sustainable Communities Strategies
Learn about Senate Bill 375, which ties regional planning to transportation and housing. See how Orange County and the Southern California Association of Governments has tied open space into the regional planning efforts.

OC Parks Land Transfer
Orange County Parks has accepted the transfer of 20,000 acres of The Irvine Company conservation lands and add the land to the county's regional park system.


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