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The County of Orange accepted the transfer of 20,000 acres of conservation lands owned by The Irvine Company. The lands were added tothe County's regional park system. The following information is meant to help the Green Vision Coalition and the public understand the conservation community's position on the land transfer. Following this link to get public documents from the Board of Supervisors and Parks Commission meetings.

FHBP Press Release on Land Transfer 06-27-10 (PDF - 20 KB)
FHBP tells the story behind the Irvine Ranch Land Transfer and outlines the four assurances it asked for from the County.

Q&A Sheet on Irvine Ranch Land Transfer 06-24-10 (PDF - 40 KB)
Read the Environmental Coalition Steering Committee's Question and Answer sheet and view the four assurances from OC Parks about land protections, funding, management and independent oversight. (PDF - 40 KB)

Conservation Leaders Request Public Update 03-29-10 (PDF - 193 KB)
Conservation groups request a public update on the proposed Irvine Ranch land transfer since the item was last on the Board's agenda in September 2009.

Conservation Leaders Urge County to Slow Down 09-28-09 (PDF - 24 KB)
FHBP releases a press release focusing on slowing down the approvals for the transfer of 20,000 acres to the County of Orange.

Request Submitted for County Counsel 09-28-09 (PDF - 128 KB)
FHBP submits a letter outlining questions for County Counsel to review, specifically about CEQA and required due diligence.

Groups Outline Reasons for Concern with Land Transfer Letter 09-28-09 (PDF - 336 KB)
Nineteen conservation groups and seven individuals signed on to a letter to the Board of Supervisors outling four significant concerns with the existing Letter of Intent.

OCICE Letter 09-29-09 (PDF - 132 KB)
Audubon California Letter 09-28-09 (PDF - 96 KB)
Endangered Habitats League Letter 09-26-09 (PDF - 76 KB)
OC California Native Plant Society Letter 09-26-09 (PDF - 312 KB)

Rangers Estimate Capital Needs at $31.1 Million 09-26-09 (PDF - 16 KB)
During the 2009 OC Report Card meetings, the OC Park Rangers estimated each park's 5 year capital needs, totalling $31.1 million for the Parks, Recreation and Environment Committee.

Delay Request Denied by OC Board of Supervisors 09-25-09 (PDF - 262 KB)
Supervisor Bates responded to requests to delay the approval of the County's Letter of Intent, noting in the letter that this Letter merely starts a process.

Delay Requested for Board of Supervisor's Decision 09-21-09 (PDF - 208 KB)
Conservation groups request more time to review the County's proposal to transfer 20,000 acres of land owned by The Irvine Company to the County park system.

A History of the Irvine Ranch Open Space 09-21-09 (PDF - 176 KB)
This history was compiled by Friends of Harbors, Beaches and Parks to assist taxpayers, conservation groups, OC Parks and the Orange County Board of Supervisors with analysis of the proposed transfer of the 20,000 acre open space lands owned by The Irvine Company to the County of Orange/OC Parks.


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