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ORange county & sb 375

SB 375Senate Bill (SB) 375 was introduced by Senator Darrell Steinberg and became law effective January 1, 2009. It prompts regional collaboration to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from cars and trucks and ultimately ties land use planning to transportation and housing. The bill requires that regional planning agencies create a plan to meet emission reduction targets. This incentives-based bill also allows for new California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) exemptions and streamlining for projects that conform to the new regional plan.

SCAG adopted its regional plan, called a Sustainable Communities Strategy (SCS) covering the six counties in SCAG. Orange County has written its own SCS which was incorporated into SCAG's master document.

In April 2011, FHBP organized a coalition of 26 conservation and community organizations that ultimately supported the inclusion of a new land use strategy that allowed natural land preservation to be one of the strategies to reduce or avoid greenhouse gas emissions. This strategy, and the document was approved in late June 2011 for the Orange County SCS.

In November 2011, another conservation policy was incorporated into the SCAG document. This policy sets up a similar program to the Orange County Transportation Authority's Renewed Measure M Environmental Mitigation Program. The SCAG policy sets up the framework for an implementation tool in 2016. Orange County and SCAG were the first to adopt conservation policies in their SCSs.

FHBP and others will continue to attend the meetings on the Orange County and SCAG SCS.

Learn more about the SB 375 and the public outreach meetings:

SCAG Regional Transportation Plan / SCS
SCAG adopted its Regional Transportation Plan (RTP) and SCS at its General Assembly meeting in early April 2012. See the conservation policy on page 77 of the RTP/SCS. (PDF 6.3 MB)

Orange County SCS
The Orange County Council of Governments and the Orange County Transportation Authority have adopted the Orange County Sustainable Communities Strategy. See the land acquisition strategy (Strategy H) on page 82 of the OC SCS. (PDF 34.9 MB).

Orange County and SB 375 Public Outreach Meetings
View the agendas and powerpoint presentations for each of the meetings on SB 375 and Orange County's SCS.

June 18, 2009 - Agenda (96 KB) and PDF of PowerPoint (8.48 MB)
July 16, 2009 - Agenda (125 KB) and PDF of PowerPoint (14.6 MB)
August 20, 2009 - Agenda (136 KB) and PDF of PowerPoint (12.8 MB)
September 17, 2009 - There was no agenda for a tour of Central Park West
October 27, 2009 - Agenda (120 KB)
March 31, 2010 - Agenda (135 KB)

OCTA Regional Transit Forum
Feburary 5, 2010 - the Orange County Transportation Authority held a forum to bring stakeholders together and discuss transportation solutions and transit options.

SCAG Regional Workshop
November 18, 2009 - SCAG held a regional workshop to discuss the regional targets for achieving the goals of SB 375.

SB 375
Read the language of Steinberg's Senate Bill 375.

SB 375 Factsheet
SCAG created a one page factsheet on SB 375 for the public.

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