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“In the end, our society will be defined not only by what we create, but also by what we refuse to destroy.” -- John Sawhill

DowticherIn 2008, the SCWRP Board, Managers Group, Science Advisory Panel, local Task Forces and many local dignitaries, celebrated a 10 year anniversary during the annual SCWRP symposium in San Diego. A few of our collective accomplishments include:

  • Acquisition of 8455 acres;
  • Restoration and enhancement of 2040 acres; and
  • Planning projects for 1629 acres.

Celebrated also was the demonstrated value of wetlands recovery to citizens as well as the environment. Speakers at the celebration included Sam Schuchat, Executive Director of the California Coastal Conservancy, Pam Slater-Price, San Diego County Supervisor and Chairman of the SCWRP Public Advisory Committee, and Joan Hartmann, visionary leader who served as the first facilitator and organizer for the project.

Threads of the message were: These wetlands have become a focal point to bring people together and define common values. Internationally significant, these wetlands are critical nesting, feeding and breeding grounds for the magnificent array of birds on the Pacific Flyway – and for numerous resident California species. Wetlands fuel the Southern California economy, recharge groundwater, moderate stormflows and cleanse runoff. So much becomes possible when a community commits to restoration – to the notion that things can actually get better and that change can be for the good.

From 1998 to April 2008, close to $450 million of federal, state, local and private funding had been dedicated to SCWRP wetlands recovery projects. The Southern California Wetlands Recovery Project has made such a commitment and offers lessons and inspiration for all of Southern California.

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