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Beginning in 2000, one of the first activities of the Green Vision Project was the mapping of conservation target lands in Orange County. If you don’t know where you want to go, you can’t map out a plan on how to get there. So the Green Vision Map lays out the knowledge and vision of the coalition members.

Several years ago, Friends of Harbors, Beaches, and Parks (FHBP) was able to acquire parcel level data for the map, including Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, and San Diego Counties. With new parcel-level information for the region, the map more accurately reflects ownerships, locations, acreages, and such.

With the parcel-level data in had, FHBP undertook an overhaul of its Map--a process that also allowed FHBP to establish guidelines for what properties get included on the map and for what reasons (i.e., culturally significant sites, endangered or threatened species, rare habitat types, etc.). To submit a property for consideration for the Map, please complete the Property Submission Form.

FHBP also added new property categories since open space can come in a variety of forms—protected public parkland, lands managed by conservation organizations, and more. With this overhaul the team realized animals, birds, and plants use other types of undeveloped lands and corridors to nest, forage, sleep, and raise their young. Consequently this revision has several new land designations that were created, including: utility lands, golf courses and cemeteries, homeowners' association lands, easements, and publicly owned but not protected lands. Download the Property Designation definitions.

This version of the Green Vision Map utilizes a tool called Zoomify, which allows users to zoom in and out and scroll from side to side without losing resolution on the map. You cannot download the zoomified map, but we've provided a low and high resolution version for download. Adobe Reader DownloadYou will need Adobe Reader to view these files. You may download the program for free on the Adobe website.

Green Vision Map


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