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General Plan Resource Directory

We are pleased to announce the release of the General Plan Resource Directory. The Directory is the culmination of over two years of hard work to capture innovative and sustainable policies in the County and City General Plans of Orange County. The Directory was made possible due to a generous grant from Boeing.

The General Plan Resource Directory includes relevant and timely information on sustainable policies that reduce greenhouse gas emissions, reduce vehicle miles travelled, create convenient and vibrant communities, and ensure our natural resources are protected. All of Orange County’s 34 cities plus the County were evaluated, with the exception of cities that were undergoing a General Plan update. This exercise was to determine the existing innovative and sustainable policies already adopted. Though geared for decision and policy makers this document will also help the public understand General Plans, their role in the process and how new laws impact the decisions their city leaders are making.

The Directory is broken into several important sections, including but not limited to:

  • General Plans – A brief overview of general plans, required elements, a comparison of zoning and form-based codes, general plan updates, and amendments and environmental review of the general plan.
  • Global Warming – A primer on global warming, its causes, and impacts for California and a special focus on four climate change impacts facing Orange County: sea level rise, decreased water availability, extreme weather, and increased wildland fire frequency and intensity.
  • AB 32 and SB 375 – A brief summary of the Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006 and Sustainable Communities Planning Act of 2008, their timeline and implementation and relationship to Orange County.
  • Sustainable Policies – An assortment of cutting edge and innovative sustainable policies adopted by Orange County cities and the County, as well as a CD of exemplary policies from throughout the state.

With this Directory, we hope you will gain an overview of environmental laws and learn about green policies adopted by other jurisdictions. If you are working towards a more sustainable city by participating in the General Plan process, these policies are available to literally “copy and paste.”

View the first nine pages of the General Plan Resource Directory (623 KB) to get a feel for the document and its contents.

To Purchase a Copy of the Resource Directory
The Resource Directory may be purchased for $35.00 (includes shipping and tax) from Friends of Harbors, Beaches and Parks via PayPal. Click the Buy Now to purchase your copy. Please note: Directories are mailed once a week on Fridays via Priority Mail Flat Rate.

Copyright and the Right to Reproduce
This publication is copyrighted by FHBP, 2011. Reproduction can occur only with the express written permission of FHBP and credit must be given to FHBP.

Feedback from the Cities on the Resource Directory

"I want to congratulate you and the Friends of Harbors, Beaches and Parks on the preparation and completion of the General Plan Resource Directory. As you are aware, the City of La Habra is currently undergoing the process of updating our General Plan and the Directory will serve as an excellent resource in that process. I am very appreciative of your offer to make three additional copies of the Directory available to the city and I wish to take you up on the offer. I look forward to sharing the Directory with our consultant and the General Plan Advisory Committee. I wish you and your organization future success in promoting the need for parks, clean water, and open space throughout the county."

Carlos Jaramillo, Deputy Director of Community Development
City of La Habra

"This is a great publication and we applaud your efforts in pulling all of this information together. We’d like to share it with a couple of our Directors ... Please send two additional copies of the Resource Directory to the City of Irvine.

Sharon Landers, Assistant City Manager
City of Irvine

"[We] wondered if it might be possible to request 3 more copies of the General Plan Resource Directory you had provided us. If they are in supply, we’d love to have some more to share with other staff too."

David Crabtree
City of Brea

"Thank you so much for sending the City of Villa Park our copy of the General Plan Resource Directory. This is a wonderful resource and will be a great help to our City and others. We would like to take you up on your very kind offer to have two additional copies sent to the City. Thank you again for extending this service and resource to Villa Park. We look forward to having the ability to include these tools in our next amendment/update."

Jennifer Lilley, Planning Manager
City of Villa Park



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