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Tree Preservation Policy,
Mostly Ignored by Supervisors

In late July, the County Board of Supervisors met to consider a comprehensive Zoning Code update, called “Orange is the New Green,” which was to incorporate sustainable best management practices. Originally, the update appropriately included the tree preservation policy that FHBP has been advocating for nearly five years. It is our understanding the County CEO deleted the tree preservation policy prior to the meeting. The only one interested in the preservation of our local native trees was Supervisor Doug Chaffee (4th District). He requested the item be brought back to the Board for consideration for only his district because he supported it.

Two Beetles Wreak Havoc
on Local Trees Populations

Friends of Harbors, Beaches and Parks (FHBP) evaluated which parklands in Orange County were impacted by two non-native beetles. This factsheet outlines the results of our mapping research. It appears that the Invasive Shot Hole Borer (formerly Polyphagous Shot Hole Borer) and the Goldspotted Oak Borer are threatening native tree populations throughout the county–including our parklands. In most instances, swift action must be taken to remove the infested trees to preserve the integrity of the entire woodland and prevent further spread. FHBP has been working to support adoption of a Tree Preservation Policy during the 2020 Zoning Code Update.

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Ensure Healthy Ecosystems

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Enhance Quality of Life

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