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Friends of Harbors, Beaches and Parks (FHBP) works to protect the natural lands, waterways and beaches of Orange County, California.

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Together - We Saved Laguna Canyon
The community of Laguna Beach stopped over development of Laguna Canyon. A community and City collaboration. Led by Lida Lenny - Mayor Pro Tem, Harry Huggins, Charles Michael Murray and many others listed in the video credits.

Argument for Preserving Banning Ranch
Don't give the oil company a pass at Banning Ranch, they are required to do the remediation with or without a development writes Suzanne Forster. This land could be added to the Orange Coast River Park and avoid the development, loss of habitat, and infrastructure, among other things.

OCTA Releases Conservation Plans
In an effort to meet the requirements of state and federal laws, the Orange County Transportation Authority released Conservation Plans and environmental documents for its Mitigation Program. Comments are due February 6, 2015.

Mission Viejo's Lake, A Sore Spot
When some are gathering water from their showers to water their outdoor plants, a wealthy few in Mission Viejo are enjoying their manufactured lake. Some see this as a non-essential (and wasteful) water use.

Santa Ana River Featured in Article
Before Senator Lou Correa leaves office he authored legislation to focus on improvements to the Santa Ana River Conservancy. It was signed by the Governor and allows for parks, trails and habitat restoration.

OCTA Funds Environmental Clean Up
The Orange County Transportation Authority has approved $2.8 million to clean up the County's water quality. THe funds are from a special water quality program aimed at reducing transportation-generated water issues.

"Frackivists" in Brea
Each day more and more residents support the growing effort to ban fracking in California. Residents wonder if there is a link between recent earthquakes and fracking in the area.

Irvine Co. Land Donation
The Irvine Company proposes gifting 2,500 acres of lands entitled for development to the County of Orange. Though negotiations must occur between the County and Company, this donation completes an open space legacy for the Company.

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Please consider supporting our work. In addition to the above projects we also act as the fiscal agent for other community groups. Visit our Program section to learn more.

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FHBP is a county-wide non-profit umbrella group educating and inspiring the residents of Orange County, ensuring the protection and restoration of our natural lands and leading a coalition of conservation and community groups to this end. Our work is focused on the following ongoing and emerging projects:

Green Vision Project

Working to find and create funding for parks, open space and water quality.
M2 Mitigation Program

Learn about the habitat mitiation program in Renewed Measure M.
Healthy Communities Toolkit

Get your copy of the newly released Healthy Communities Toolkit !
Sustainable Development Environmental Review Committee

Endorsing urban developments that reduce greenhouse gases and vehicle miles traveled.
Safe Trails Coalition

Supporting appropriate trail use that provides safe, high quality experiences and protects natural resources
General Plan Resource Directory

Get your copy of the General Plan Resource Directory!

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