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Los Angeles Times (25 Jun 2019) Online
California’s Mighty Predator — the Mountain Lion — Faces ‘Extinction Vortex’

Salt Lake Tribune (20 Jun 2019) Online
New $5 million, Animals-only Overpass at Parleys Summit is Saving Wildlife (and Drivers) Already

CNN (14 Jun 2019) Online
They Blocked Access to the Public Beach. Now the Hotel is Getting a Gut Punching $1.6 Million Fine

Stu News (31 May 2019) Online
Dead Bobcat in Backyard Story Sparks Community Dialogue About Rodenticides, Dicterow Says He Will Push for Ban

Los Angeles Times (24 May 2019) Online
Late-season Rains Mask Looming Fire Danger as Lush Plants Turn Dry and Explosive

Voice of San Diego (16 May 2019) Online
San Diego County Is Disregarding Fire Risk to an Astonishing Degree

Orange County Register (3 May 2019) Online
Lawsuits Accuse Shopoff Realty of Failing to Pay Investors $31 Million

Los Angeles Times (2 May 2019) Online
How to Help Fireproof Your Home Before the Next Big Wildfire

Bay Nature (17 Apr 2019) Online
What Does Trampling Do to Wildflowers?

KSBY (15 Apr 2019) Online
California Governor Won’t Block Building in High-Fire Areas

City Observatory (2 Apr 2019) Online
Widening the I-5 Freeway Will Add Millions of Miles of Vehicle Travel

Voice of OC (27 Mar 2019) Online
Schlotterbeck: Focus Required to Tackle CA Housing Crisis Not Gutting State Environmental Laws

Los Angeles Times (21 Mar 2019) Online
Regional Water Board to Hear Update on H.B. Desalination Project, Which Study Says Poses Financial Risk

Orange County Register (20 Mar 2019) Online
Southern California Mountain Lions Face Possible Extinction, Study Says

Fullerton Observer (15 Mar 2019) Online
Is the Arboretum in Jeopardy?

Ventura County Star (13 Mar 2019) Online
Controversial Wildlife Measure Passes 3-2 with Toughened Restrictions for Ventura County

Los Angeles Times (2 Mar 2019) Online
Methane in the Atmosphere is Surging, and That’s Got Scientists Worried

Los Angeles Times (1 Mar 2019) Online
L.A. County Residents Shouldn’t Have to Take a Bus to Malibu to Enjoy a Beautiful Park

OC Weekly (1 Mar 2019) Online
Friends of Coyote Hills Lick Wounds as City of Fullerton Takes Victory Lap

Los Angeles Times (27 Feb 2019) Online
New Tactic in Hollister Ranch Attempt to Limit Beach Access: Dump the Judge

Orange County Register (18 Feb 2019) Online
Long Absent Burrowing Owls are Popping up in Costa Mesa’s Fairview Park

Orange County Register (13 Feb 2019) Online
Wildflowers: How Rain Fire And Even Drought Could Make 2019 a Great Year For Southern California

Los Angeles Times (1 Feb 2019) Online
Speakers at Newport Meeting are Split on Plan for Condo Towers

The Guardian (28 Jan 2019) Online
Joshua Tree National Park ‘May Take 300 Years to Recover’ From Shutdown

Curbed Los Angeles (22 Jan 2019) Online
Maps Show Where Wildfires Have Burned Over and Over Again in LA County

KCET (16 Jan 2019) Online
The New Normal

CNN (14 Jan 2019) Online
What Warmer Oceans Mean for the Planet

Los Angeles Times (11 Jan 2019) Online
More Wildfires, Drought and Climate Change Bring Devastating Changes to California Wildlands

Voice of OC (7 Jan 2019) Online
Boardman: Endangered Species Act More Important Than Ever