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FHBP Supports Funding Request for
A More Robust Infill Infrastructure Grants

The Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG) built a coalition to request a more robust allocation to support infill infrastructure in a statewide grant program. Within the SCAG Regional Transportation Plan and Sustainable Communities Strategy document, there are commitments to multiple strategies that improve infill development and especially those locations in close proximity to high quality transit areas. Funding exists for this grant program now, but it isn’t nearly to a level that will aid infill developers meet the state’s housing needs and support local jurisdictions in applying for and receiving this funding. Funding can go to rehabilitate parks and open space, utility improvements (like water or sewer), roads, parking structures, transit linkages, and traffic mitigation measures. Building homes with more density in urban areas helps reduce vehicle miles traveled and greenhouse gas emissions.

FHBP Supports County of Orange
Styrofoam Ban Ordinance

The County of Orange is considering restrictions on the use and purchase of Styrofoam (also known as expanded polystyrene). This means food service products at County facilities would no longer be made of Styrofoam. Friends of Harbors, Beaches and Parks supports the County’s proposed new policy. Styrofoam is harmful not only to humans, but also wildlife and the planet. It releases chemicals into food that are toxic, creates harmful air pollutants, and depletes the ozone layer. Further, when not disposed of properly, Styrofoam pollutes our waterways and beaches where wildlife often mistake it for food. These types of pollutants then harm the wildlife whose stomachs fill with the material and the animals die a slow death due to starvation. Styrofoam is not biodegradable and will last on the planet forever. For these and many other reasons, FHBP supports taking the necessary and responsible step towards a more sustainable environment.

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