Tribal Acknowledgment

Orange County, where the majority of Friends of Harbors, Beaches and Parks’ work is focused, is on the ancestral homelands of the Acjachemen (Juaneño) and Tongva (Gabrieliño) people. We pay respect to the Indigenous People whose land was forcibly colonized and recognize the importance of the tribal relationship to the land past, present, and future.

Recent News

AB 2344 Signed by Governor

We are thrilled to report that AB 2344, the Safe Roads and Wildlife Protection Act, (authored by Friedman and Kalra) was signed into law by the Governor. What does this mean? More wildlife crossings will be built in California reducing vehicle strikes and roadkill, while providing safer routes for people driving and wildlife crossing roads. It is estimated that more than one million animals are struck nationally every day. This number only includes the animals found by the side of the road, not the ones that survive the impact but die elsewhere. This bill was only possible due to the great work by the Center for Biological Diversity and Wildlands Network.

Learn more about AB 2344 >>

Trail Use Pilot Project Results are Available

The OC Parks Commission’s Trails Sub-Committee recently heard a report on the Trail Use Pilot Project. This Project had three parks participate in the study, including: Aliso & Wood Canyons, Laguna Coast, and Santiago Oaks. The project studied directionality (one way vs. two way trails) and use restrictions (bike only, hike only, mixed users, etc.). A few key findings:

  1. Erosion of soil on the trail occurs regardless of use, but some uses speed it up.
  2. Adaptive management techniques could reduce trail-based conflicts.
  3. Visitors articulated which behaviors of concern they believe impacted their experience.

The Sub-Committee heard the report and recommendations will go next to the OC Parks Commission, which meets the first Thursday of the month at 6 PM.

Download the Trail Use Pilot Project Report >>

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What We Do

Ensure Healthy Ecosystems

Ensure Healthy Ecosystems

FHBP supports decisions that create healthy ecosystems and opposes those that don’t.

Engage Communities

Engage the Community

FHBP collaborates with the community and organizations to achieve its mission.

Enhance Quality of Life

Enhance Quality of Life

FHBP works to improve the quality of life and sustainability of our region.