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Coalition Geography Map Launched
for Ease Information Access

The Friends of Harbors, Beaches and Park’s (FHBP) Green Vision Coalition is comprised of more than 70 conservation and community groups with local, regional, state, national, and international coverage. These organizations united 20 years ago behind the vision to find and create funding for parks, water quality, and open space. To provide assistance to the public, organizations, officials, and others, FHBP developed a Google Map of the territories our Green Vision Coalition organizational members cover. It is broken down by location and within each location there are specific territorial attributes. Each territory is color coded and depicts the focus area of the coalition member. Information is provided of each organization’s name, website URL, and phone number for the geography or territory, so that it easier to find a contact within that group. Due to the “Orange County” focus of our Coalition, international and national organizations were put into the “California” geography.

Organizations Elevate 275 Properties for
State 30×30 Conservation Dollars

On August 13th, 31 organizations signed onto a group letter that unified the conservation voice for Orange County. Governor Newsom’s Executive Order N-82-20 outlines the state’s goal to preserve 30% of California’s lands and coastal water ways by 2030. In partnership with Hills For Everyone, the existing Green Vision Map was broken into 18 different geographies and identified possible acquisition opportunities. Each geography was mapped to include privately owned properties that were 15 acres in size or greater that were not protected, remained in their natural state, did not include habitable structures, and may offer the chance for conservation should the landowner be a willing seller. The organizations pledge to the Natural Resources Agency that if conservation dollars are made available to permanently protect these vitally important landscapes in Orange County, they will be reliable on-the-ground partners to achieve conservation successes.

Green Vision Map

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Ensure Healthy Ecosystems

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Enhance Quality of Life

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