This study, “Fire Regimes in the Santa Ana Mountains and Laguna Coast (1914-2019),” is an update to the August 2015 report. Earlier fire studies conducted in 2009 and 2012/2019 by the Irvine Ranch Conservancy and Hills For Everyone, respectively, provided in-depth information about the Irvine Ranch lands and Chino Hills State Park, but these studies excluded two significant fire impacted areas in Orange County: the Santa Ana Mountains and Laguna Coast. Friends of Harbors, Beaches and Parks (FHBP) thought it important to add to the repository of information about wildfires and ignition points by reviewing more than 100 years of fire data in these two additional and complementary areas. Wildfires have a significant role in an ecosystem, however, the acres burned and frequency of fires has increased because of human activity. This report outlines the findings for both the Santa Ana Mountains and Laguna Coast with data between 1914 and 2019.

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