Walk ScoresOrange County Walk Scores” was released in August/September 2011. Walk Scores demonstrate how easy it is to live a car-lite lifestyle. Walk Scores utilize 13 different categories and award points for each amenity between ¼ to one mile. Amenities within ¼ mile receive maximum points, while no points are awarded for amenities further than one mile. The categories include: grocery store, coffee shop, movie theatre, park, bookstore, drug store, clothing and music stores, restaurant, bar, school, library, fitness, and hardware store. Generally anything over a score of 70 is considered good.

We calculated the Walk Score using two different methods:

  • The first included the city hall Walk Score.
  • The second analysis provided the city’s average Walk Score.

Download the Walk Scores.

The Study was made possible due to a generous grant from Boeing.

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