Voice of OC (23 Dec 2020) Online
OC Supervisors Were Warned About Approving Homes in Wildfire Zones That Just Burned Again

Voice of OC (22 Dec 2020) Online
Chino Hills State Park Battered From Recent Flames in Blue Ridge Fire This Year

Voice of OC (21 Dec 2020) Online
Failure to Communicate: Orange County Wildfires Highlight Long Standing Emergency Communication Problems

Public Policy Institute of California (15 Dec 2020) Online
Droughts Aren’t Just About Water Anymore

Los Angeles Times (11 Dec 2020) Online
Environmentalists Advocating for Enforcement to Protect Sand Berm at Aliso Beach

Union Tribune (6 Dec 2020) Online
In a First, California Considers Allowing Housing Project on San Diego Ecological Reserve

Los Angeles Times (8 Nov 2020) Online
On Climate, Biden Can Do Plenty

Voice of OC (22 Oct 2020) Online
Gov. Newsom Ousts Key Poseidon Desal Critic from Water Board Ahead of Project’s Approval

Los Angeles Times (14 Oct 2020) Online
Desert Tortoises Join California’s “Endangered” List

Fast Company (14 Oct 2020) Online
This Map Tells You if You Live in a 15-Minute City

New York Times (18 Sep 2020) Online
Every Place Has Its Own Climate Risk. What Is It Where You Live?

Los Angeles Times (9 Sep 2020) Online
Heat and Fires are No Surprise

CalMatters (28 Aug 2020) Online
Despite Unprecedented Times, Natural Resources Should Remain Important to the Legislature

BGR (25 Aug 2020) Online
Poison Ivy is More Dangerous Than Ever, Because 2020

CNN (14 Aug 2020) Online
Greenland’s Ice Sheet has Melted to a Point of No Return, According to New Study

Scientific American (14 Aug 2020) Online
Will 2020 Be the Hottest Year on Record?

The Guardian (5 Aug 2020) Online
US Parks in Minority Neighborhoods Half the Size of Those in White Areas

Chino Champion (1 Aug 2020) Online
Ridgeline Land Now Part of Chino Hills State Park

Press Enterprise (31 Jul 2020) Online
This 320-acre Parcel Adjacent to Chino Hills State Park has Been Preserved

Daily Breeze (31 Jul 2020) Online
Poseidon Desalination Proposal for Huntington Beach May Face New Requirements

Irvine Weekly (23 Jul 2020) Online
After a Decade, Bee Flat Canyon Restoration Project is Complete

Orange County Breeze (23 Jul 2020) Online
Natural Habitat Returns on Nearly 300 acres Through OCTA Effort with Irvine Ranch Conservancy, OC Parks

Dana Point Times (10 Jul 2020) Online
Assemblymember Brough Requests State Audit of TCA

Orange County Register (8 Jul 2020) Online
Bird Lovers Skeptical of Coastal Commission’s Moves to End Illegal Dog Beach in Newport Beach

Orange County Register (6 Jul 2020) Online
County Proposing More Signs, Enforcement to Curb Use of ‘Unofficial’ Dog Beach at Santa Ana River

Los Angeles Times (1 Jul 2020) Online
Column: On this California Beach, Snowy Plovers and Dune Buggies are in a Fight for Survival

Wildlands Network Blog (1 Jul 2020) Online
Landmark Bipartisan Legislation to Protect Wildlife Corridors Passes the U.S. House of Representatives

Laguna Beach Independent (26 Jun 2020) Online
Mountain Bikers Protest Laguna Beach Trail’s Closure

CalMatters (26 Jun 2020) Online
California Re-evaluating its Landmark Climate Strategy

Los Angeles Times (25 Jun 2020) Online
Finally Something the Senate Agrees on: Billions for Federal Lands

New York Times (19 Jun 2020) Online
Rising Seas Threaten an American Institution: The 30-Year Mortgage

San Diego Tribune (4 Jun 2020) Online
San Diego County Approves Amended Otay Ranch Development

the Log (4 Jun 2020) Online
Coastal Commission Commits to Sea Level Rise Principles

Orange County Register (3 Jun 2020) Online
Late-night Vandalism Stuns Recovery of Endangered Birds

Forbes (1 Jun 2020) Online
Opening The Outdoors: Inaugural Black Birders Week

San Francisco Chronicle (29 May 2020) Online
Newsom’s Environmental Budget Cuts Escalate Tensions with State Activists

AP News (15 May 2020) Online
California’s Budget Cuts Threaten Environmental Spending

The Columbus Dispatch (10 May 2020) Online
Cincinnati to Close Some Streets to Create Outdoor Dining Spaces for Restaurants

CNN (9 May 2020) Online
Our Cities May Never Look the Same Again After the Pandemic

Voice of OC (4 May 2020) Online
Sefton and Schlotterbeck: Orange County Needs a Tree Preservation Policy

Los Angeles Time (4 May 2020) Online
With Fewer People on the Beach, Shorebirds May Spread Their Wings

Outside Magazine (23 Apr 2020) Online
The New Rules of Social Distancing for Trail Users

Los Angeles Times (21 Apr 2020) Online
Lewis MacAdams, Famed Crusader for the Los Angeles River, Dies at 75

Fullerton Observer (18 Apr 2020) Online
Living History: Fullerton’s Historic Oak

Los Angeles Times (13 Apr 2020) Online
Scientists Say Joshua trees May Warrant Listing as a Threatened Species

Time (8 Apr 2020) Online
Want to Stop the Next Pandemic? Start Protecting Wildlife Habitats

New York Daily News (1 Apr 2020) Online
Parks are Cathedrals, Especially Now: Appreciating Public Spaces During a Pandemic

L.A. (18 Mar 2020) Online
26 ‘Virtual’ Things to Do for Angelenos Under Quarantine

Los Angeles Times (9 Mar 2020) Online
After SB 50’s Defeat, California Lawmaker Unveils ‘Light Touch’ Housing Density Bill

Orange County Register (3 Mar 2020) Online
OC Toll Road Agency to Nix 241 Extension Through San Clemente

Reuters (27 Feb 2020) Online
California Regulator Proposes Record $2.14 Billion Fine on PG&E Over Wildfires

Los Angeles Times (24 Feb 2020) Online
Most California Cities Refuse to Retreat From Rising Seas. One Town Wants to Show How it’s Done

Los Angeles Times (19 Feb 2020) Online
Coastal Commission Prepares to Order Removal of Unpermitted Beach Encroachments in Newport

NBC Bay Area (19 Feb 2020) Online
“‘Unlike Any Disaster We Have Ever Seen,’ Says State Agency About Rising Seas in Bay Area

NewsBreak (13 Feb 2020) Online
Massive Wildlands Bill Passed by House Would Preserve More than 416,000 Acres in Southern California

KCAL 9 News (20 Jan 2020) Online
3-Year-Old Boy Attacked By Mountain Lion In Whiting Ranch Park In Lake Forest, Animal Put Down

Los Angeles Times (15 Jan 2020) Online
State Water Agency Seeks $9.1-million Fine Against Newport Beach Developer

Spectrum News (14 Jan 2020) Online
OC Mitigation Report Shows Some Restorations Aren’t Lasting

Los Angeles Times (9 Jan 2020) Online
Gov. Newsom to Propose More Spending on Wildfire Efforts in New California Budget

CalMatters (Jan 2020) Online
Exclusive: California Climate Budget to Include $1 Billion Green Loan Fund