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48 Member Coalition Supporting SoCal Natural Lands Policy Spans Six Counties

Friends of Harbors, Beaches and Parks assembled a six county 48 member coalition to support the natural and farmland policies of the Southern California Association of Governments Regional Plan. Natural land conservation is one of 10 methods recommended to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and vehicle miles traveled. This is precedent setting.

CEQA Mitigation Study Released
for Species Protection

This 2019 study looks at the rate of success for mitigation measures on biological impacts. Twelve projects were reviewed across Orange County looking specifically at the success (or failure) of restoration work. Projects were evaluated for their ability to meet measures adopted through the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) process.

What We Do

Ensure Healthy Ecosystems

Ensure Healthy Ecosystems

FHBP supports decisions that create healthy ecosystems and opposes those that don’t.

Engage Communities

Engage the Community

FHBP collaborates with the community and organizations to achieve its mission.

Enhance Quality of Life

Enhance Quality of Life

FHBP works to improve the quality of life and sustainability of our region.

Green Vision Map

Green Vision Map

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