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Below are resources associated with the Orange County Transportation Authority’s (OCTA) Renewed Measure M and its Environmental Mitigation Program.

  • OCTA Transportation Investment Plan (2006) (3.2 MB PDF)
    Read about the $11.8 billion transportation sales tax and its programs.
  • OCTA Ordinance No. 3 (2006) (1.6 MB PDF)
    See the legal requirements set forth to voters with Renewed Measure M.
  • Measure M Environmental Mailer (2006) (129 KB PDF)
    Conservation groups agreed to send out an environment-focused mailer to their lists to support Renewed Measure M because of its Environmental Mitigation Program.
  • Environmental Oversight Committee Charter (2012) (21 KB PDF)
    The Environmental Oversight Committee (EOC) established a charter when the Committee formed in 2008.  It was updated in 2012.
  • OCTA Early Action Plan (2007) (10 MB PDF)
    The OCTA Board of Directors in 2007 adopted an Early Action Plan for early expenditures prior to the sales tax revenues coming in.  The Plan included about $55M of expenditures for the Environmental Mitigation Program.
  • Evaluation Criteria (2008) (79 KB PDF)
    View the acquisition, restoration, and management criteria used to evaluate properties for funding consideration.
  • List of Evaluated Properties (2008)
    View the properties considered for funding:

  • List of Funded Projects (2016)
    See the complete list of acquired and restored properties, as of January 2017.

  • Map of Funded Properties & Projects (2014) (54 KB PDF)
    View a map of the OCTA funded acquisition and restoration projects, as of January 2017.
  • OCTA Planning Agreement (2009) (13.9 MB PDF)
    Learn about the Memorandum of Agreement between OCTA and the state and federal permitting agencies to begin the advanced mitigation program.
  • Resource Management Plans (2015)
    Each Preserve will have its own Resource Management Plan outlining appropriate stewardship activities as it relates to things like access, invasive plants, emergencies, etc. The following Preserves have draft Plans available:

  • Baseline Biological Reports (2015)
    Review the baseline biological reports prepared for the Resource Management Plans.  One has been completed so far:

  • OCTA Acquisition Celebration (2011) (231 KB PDF)
    OCTA hosted a celebratory event on the Saddle Creek North property, adjacent to its recent acquisition of Saddle Creek South. This was the first acquisition for the Environmental Mitigation Program.
  • Conservation Celebration (2011) (431 KB PDF)
    In June 2011, Friends of Harbors, Beaches and Parks and the Environmental Coalition that Supported Renewed Measure M hosted a Conservation Celebration to acknowledge the accomplishments of the OCTA Environmental Mitigation Program.
  • Factsheets (2011, 2013, 2015, 2016)
    OCTA has created factsheets to assist the public in understanding the program and access opportunities to the Preserves. View them individually:

Additionally, each Preserve acquired by OCTA now has a dedicated factsheet explaining the conservation value of the property. View them individually:

  • Saddle Creek South (April 2011) (334 KB PDF)
  • Hayashi (May 2011) (588 KB PDF)
  • Ferber Ranch (May 2011) (684 KB PDF)
  • O’Neill Oaks (May 2011) (356 KB PDF)
  • Hafen Estates (November 2011) (499 KB PDF)
  • MacPherson (December 2013) (381 KB PDF)
  • Aliso Canyon (April 2015) (570 KB PDF)
  • OCTA Natural Community Conservation Plan and Habitat Conservation Plan (NCCP/HCP) (2016)
    Review the administrative final version of the NCCP/HCP for the advanced mitigation program.

  • OCTA NCCP/HCP Environmental Impact Report/Environmental Impact Statement (EIR/EIS) (2016)
    View the administrative final version of the environmental review for the NCCP/HCP.

  • OCTA Implementing Agreement (2016) (1.0 MB PDF)
    View the agreement between OCTA and state and federal permitting agencies to implement the conservation mechanism for this program.