OPA Town Hall 4/8

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In City of Orange Resolution 10081, adopted May 23, 2006, the OPA Board was appointed as the Planning Committee (OPAC) to consider, among other issues, the impact of certain property developments on the OPA Specific Plan. Milan Capital has proposed a project to construct 128 units on the site known as Sully-Miller and has Recirculated Draft Environmental Impact Report for the Trails at Santiago Creek project. City of Orange Planning case numbers: 
• General Plan Amendment No. 2018-0001
• Zone Change No. 1286-18
• Development Agreement No. 0005-18
• Environmental Review No. 1857-18

OPA is holding a special Town Hall meeting to conduct the hearing of the OPAC to consider this project and its impact on the OPA Specific Plan. The notice of the hearing is below. The hearing will be held on April 8th at 7:30 pm at Moreno’s.

Any member of the public is invited to attend and give comments.