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June 30, 2019July 5, 2019

Equestrian Ride 7/14

Join OCTA on an equestrian ride of the Trabuco Rose Preserve, which is a 399-acre parcel located northwest of the city of Rancho Santa Margarita in Trabuco Canyon. This land was preserved as part of the mitigation for impacts to habitat lands from the Authority’s freeway projects. OCTA offers managed access for the public to...

June 28, 2019July 5, 2019

Upcoming Hike in O’Neill

We are getting ready for our next hike in O’Neill Regional Park—along the Arroyo Trabuco Trail. We saw Matilija Poppies, intermediate Mariposa Lily, beautiful oaks, scrub lands and a deer! We will post hike details in September… we needed to beat the heat!

June 26, 2019July 5, 2019

Support AB 1788

From our friends at the Planning and Conservation League (regarding a bill Friends of Harbors, Beaches & Parks (FHBP) supports): Please help us protect California’s iconic species by contacting your state legislator and asking them to support AB 1788 (Bloom) as it passes through the State Senate. AB 1788 bans the use of second-generation anticoagulant...

June 25, 2019July 5, 2019

Cougars Proposed for Listing

The cougars in our local Santa Ana Mountains are in jeopardy of extinction due to lack of habitat availability and unprotected connections between open spaces. The Mountain Lion Foundation and Center for Biological Diversity are working to get this population listed as “threatened” via the California Endangered Species Act. Read the Los Angeles Times article.

June 20, 2019July 5, 2019

Utah Wildlife Bridge

When you are in the car and spot an animal in the road or attempting to cross the road–it can be one of those terrifying moments. Check out this new overpass for wildlife in Utah. Accidents are down, roadkill is down, and everyone feels safer. Time will tell how well it worked for all species,...