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November 13, 2019November 15, 2019

San Joaquin Marsh Photos

We had a lot of fun on our hike at the San Joaquin Marsh. Check out the photos.

November 8, 2019November 15, 2019

Loss of Carolyn Wood

This a wonderful article about the beloved Carolyn Wood. Carolyn was one of the 10 volunteers that founded Friends of Harbors, Beaches and Parks. She lived an extraordinarily interesting life and we are grateful for her contributions to the conservation community. Read the Laguna Beach Indy article.

November 5, 2019November 15, 2019

Some Banning Ranch Funding Secured

Great news for the coast, Orange County, and California. Let’s hope a deal can be finalized and all the funding can be found. Read the Orange County Register article.

November 4, 2019November 15, 2019

Keep Up with the Fire Science

Apparently the methods used previously–vegetation removal–are continuing to be proposed and used again. Not only is the science proving this doesn’t work, but also it actually perpetuates the fire burn cycle. If you want to understand how and why fires burn locally (as opposed to the forest lands) we suggest you follow Chaparral Institute. Read...

November 3, 2019November 15, 2019

Laguna Canyon Conservancy Leader Passes

We are so grateful for the wonderful life of activist Carolyn Wood. Her presence, determination, and persistence in Laguna Canyon was instrumental in saving many important places. Our heartfelt gratitude for her important role in Orange County’s environmental community and many thanks to her family for sharing her with so many of us, for so...