Timeline of Milestones from the Mitigation Program

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A short history of the key Environmental Mitigation Program milestones:

  • December 2005 – FHBP provides research on landscape level mitigation.
  • January 2006 – FHBP negotiates with OCTA to include this comprehensive mitigation program.
  • Spring 2006 – FHBP forms and leads a conservation coalition supporting the sales tax Measure.
  • November 2006 – Orange County voters approve Renewed Measure M.
  • November 2007 – An Environmental Oversight Committee is formed and Melanie Schlotterbeck is appointed as its Vice Chair (representing the Environmental Coalition).
  • Fall 2010 – Acquisition and restoration projects are evaluated and ranked for biological and non-biological criteria.
  • Spring 2011 – The first of seven acquisitions occurs and multiple restoration projects are funded.
  • Winter 2014 – The Conservation Plans (long term commitments to protection and a list of what activities will be used as mitigation for these properties) are drafted and release for public review.
  • Winter 2015 – Resource Management Plans (stewardship documents) are drafted for five of the properties.
  • Fall 2016 – The Conservation Plans are finalized and approved by the OCTA Board.
  • Spring 2017 – Permits are issued by the state and federal wildlife agencies authorizing the mitigation and transportation projects.