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March 1, 2019March 19, 2019

Coyote Hills Update

Activists in Fullerton have been working for 18 years to acquire and protect West Coyote Hills. This article describes the fight, the history of local land use decisions, and how the State Supreme Court opted not to review the petition brought by the residents–leaving intact the Appellate Court decision in favor of Chevron.¬†Friends of Harbors,...

February 27, 2019March 1, 2019

Coyote Hills Appeal Denied

What a disappointment on many fronts. Let’s aim for a positive outcome that focuses on the best possible solution! Read the Friends of Coyote Hills statement.

June 27, 2017July 7, 2017

Some Funding for Coyote Hills

Check out this press release from Assemblymember Sharon Quirk-Silva on West Coyote Hills. Today, the Governor signed the state budget which included $15 million of funding to go towards the Coyote Hills acquisition. She is also working on legislation (AB 510) that brings in additional funds. Read the Assemblymember’s Press Release.