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December 26, 2017December 26, 2017

Debate Over Where to Rebuild Wildfire Destroyed Homes

The Canyon Fire 2 was the first major fire many of our Board of Supervisors had been involved in. Let’s hope they learn from this lesson instead of continuing to approve projects at the Wildland-Urban Interface–especially when the fire science shows the area burns frequently. Read the Los Angeles Times article.

December 22, 2017December 22, 2017

Massive Central Coast Land Donation

Wow. With a stunning announcement today, 24,000 acres have been protected along the Central Coast. Thanks to the Dangermonds for their generosity, vision, and foresight. See the article in the Atlantic.

December 14, 2017December 22, 2017

Fire Resistant Homes and Wildfires

Constructing fire resistant homes does not mean your home will NOT burn down. There are factors outside home construction that influence whether your home will survive a wildfire. One wild card is wind. A wind-driven fire cannot be stopped, until the winds die down. Read the Orange County Register article.

December 11, 2017December 22, 2017

The Poseidon Debate Continues

Is there really anything to debate on Poseidon? We don’t think so. There is no need to privatize our water, ruin our marine environment, and commit our future to such a heavy price tag. We are smart. We are up to the challenge. If we need more water, we need to be innovative and thoughtful...