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August 23, 2019August 23, 2019

Roundtable with Rep. Katie Porter

We participated in an environmental round table with Congresswoman Katie Porter. We highlighted our Green Vision Map, discussed desal (Poseidon), and wildfires. Thanks Sea and Sage Audubon Society for hosting and organizing this great event.

April 17, 2019April 17, 2019

Newsom’s Fire Position

The application of wildfire science would be a helpful tool in land use planning–especially for local and regional decision makers. Instead of continuing to build where repeated fires have burned, use the science and fire history to help determine where it is SAFEST to build. Even our earthquake faults have a safety zone. What do...

January 16, 2019January 18, 2019

Local Program on Wildfires

Our friends at Hills For Everyone and Protect Our Homes and Hills were featured in the KCET program SoCal Connected last night. “The New Normal” featured mega-fires and how our landscape has changed. The fight to stop the Esperanza Hills project was a local example of where decision makers are choosing to put people–in very...

January 12, 2019January 18, 2019

Frequent Fires Mean More Fires

Fires that burn landscapes too frequently convert habitat types from our coastal sage scrub and chaparral landscapes to non-native grasslands. Grasslands ignite easier and burn faster than native habitat lands. One important step land managers can take is to reduce human-caused fire ignitions. Read the Los Angeles Times article.

December 7, 2017December 22, 2017

Reduce Wildfire Risk Through Planning

We’ve seen a lot of articles on wildfires of late, but this one is spot on in terms of our response. “The standard procedure to reduce wildfire risk is to clear habitat. We have spent millions of dollars doing this for nearly a century. Nevertheless, our homes keep burning. That’s because while vegetation management such...