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November 30, 2018November 30, 2018

Lawmakers Need to Step Up

Friends of Harbors, Beaches & Parks (FHBP) has advocated at the policy level to reduce emissions by protecting natural lands (which sequester carbon), but even with landmark legislation the state won’t reach it’s greenhouse gas emission reduction targets. Why? There are no teeth in the legislation. They are simply plans that no jurisdiction is actually...

March 29, 2018March 30, 2018

OCFA Fails to Follow Protocol in Canyon Fire 2

This is not only disappointing, but also points to bigger problems within the department. OCFA continues to weigh in that it can defend homes at the wildland-urban interface and yet they can’t. A serious look by our decision makers and responsible agencies needs to happen about where it is and isn’t appropriate to build homes...

December 26, 2017December 26, 2017

Debate Over Where to Rebuild Wildfire Destroyed Homes

The Canyon Fire 2 was the first major fire many of our Board of Supervisors had been involved in. Let’s hope they learn from this lesson instead of continuing to approve projects at the Wildland-Urban Interface–especially when the fire science shows the area burns frequently. Read the Los Angeles Times article.

December 7, 2017December 22, 2017

Reduce Wildfire Risk Through Planning

We’ve seen a lot of articles on wildfires of late, but this one is spot on in terms of our response. “The standard procedure to reduce wildfire risk is to clear habitat. We have spent millions of dollars doing this for nearly a century. Nevertheless, our homes keep burning. That’s because while vegetation management such...