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August 21, 2019August 23, 2019

San Diego Plans to Build Houses in Historic Fire Area

Our friends at Endangered Habitats League were quoted in this article on building in fire prone areas. The same concerns exist in Orange County. Looks like we all need to remember the lessons of Paradise (the Camp Fire). ““We desperately need to have a deep dialog about why we continue to build deep into the...

August 7, 2019August 16, 2019

Fires… Safety Must Come FIRST

Fire resistant isn’t fire proof. These lessons have been learned before, but will decision makers listen and STOP putting people and houses in fire prone areas? Read the Los Angeles Times article.

May 29, 2019June 3, 2019

Creating Fire Resilient Communities

As a follow up to our last post… There are four steps our Congressional leaders can take to reduce fire risks. These include: funding, restoration, preparation, and reduction. Read the National Wildlife Federation Blog.

May 28, 2019June 3, 2019

San Diego’s Bad Example

There are a lot of similarities between Orange County and San Diego County on the housing front: “The developments in San Diego County would be built in areas dominated by chaparral, sage scrub and grasslands. These native California habitats are adapted to survive fires, but when fires occur too frequently, indigenous plants are replaced by...

May 25, 2019June 3, 2019

Summer Fire Risks

Words of caution for our wildlands: “In areas hit repeatedly by fires, non-native plants — like mustard — can grow faster than native species. Those plants eventually dry out during warm summer months and become fuel for wildfires. There are also still tens of millions of drought- and bark beetle-ravaged dead trees standing in the...