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February 8, 2019February 8, 2019

There is a Burn Pattern

If this graphic illustration of where wildfires have burned over and over again in Malibu doesn’t remind you how putting people in harm’s way is a bad idea–nothing will. We need to adapt our planning to ensure people are safe, have multiple evacuation routes, and focus on public safety. View the Curbed Los Angeles.

September 24, 2018October 2, 2018

Why Put Homes in the Path of Wildfire?

Residents continue to fight the Esperanza Hills development in the hills above Yorba Linda (but in County territory).  Just before the Board of Supervisors hearing on September 25th, KPCC came out with this great article on why we keep putting houses where they will burn down.  Check out the statistics–they are mind blowing. Read the...

August 1, 2018August 11, 2018

Esperanza Hills Approvals Overturned

Friends of Harbors, Beaches & Parks (FHBP) is a co-petitioner on the litigation against the Esperanza Hills project. California is on fire right now and 10,000 homes (including some in Orange County) have burned down with scores of people losing their lives. This project sits in a Very High Hazard Severity Zone and has burned...

June 13, 2018June 15, 2018

Trabuco Canyon Fire

UPDATE 7:45 PM: Reports indicate the fire was contained to about 2-3 acres. Awaiting visual confirmation of its location. 5:25 PM: We are aware of the fire near O’Neill Regional Park and by the OCTA Wren’s View (O’Neill Oaks Preserve). In light of all the fires, please keep your eyes and ears open and immediately report...

March 29, 2018March 30, 2018

OCFA Fails to Follow Protocol in Canyon Fire 2

This is not only disappointing, but also points to bigger problems within the department. OCFA continues to weigh in that it can defend homes at the wildland-urban interface and yet they can’t. A serious look by our decision makers and responsible agencies needs to happen about where it is and isn’t appropriate to build homes...

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